The Way Station RV Park

Since 1998


Merriam Webster defines a Way Station as “an intermediate stopping place.” We like to think of The Way Station RV Park as more than just a stopping place. Some call it a home because they have established themselves as permanent residents here on the park. Some call it a home away from home because they are frequent visitors to the area. Others call it a home for the night on the way to their next destination. The reoccurring theme here is home, and we couldn't agree more because we live on the park as well. Not only do we call this park our home but we also like to think of it as a community. We feel it is important to get to know everyone on the park for our safety and for the safety of those living here. So if you are retired, working, raising a family, or just traveling, whatever your circumstances may be, you are welcome.


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Leven and Dorothy McGaughey have owned and operated The Way Station Rv Park since it’s inception in 1998.